Web Application Development

Need to move your systems online? Do you think the web might be able to help? Does your boss keep bugging you about a cloud based system?

Well we have done it. Our experienced programmers will work with you to develop online applications that are strategic, useable and efficient, while meeting the needs of your business or staff. We collaborate with you one-on-one from the concept-phase to completion and ensure the system functions as planned. We want to ensure your complete satisfaction because we want your referral.

Device Media  has developed some very complicated online administration tools that have helped business cut costs and become more efficient. Our secure systems can alleviate calls, paperwork and much more by automating your business processes. Call us at 780.488.7886 or fill out a request form to see if we can help.

Some online applications we have implemeted included the following:

Event Management

Managing all the details of an event can be time-consuming. We have developed event applications that easily manage the details of your event so you have extra time to focus on the bigger picture!

The following are some of the features we have implemented for our clients:

  • Event Registeration with confirmation emails to administrators and registrants.
  • Exportable lists that are up to date so you always have accurate numbers.
  • Ability to manage unlimited events easily.
  • Group registrants into specific categories.
  • Automatically send online surveys to event participants so you know how your event was received, and what can be improved for next time.
  • And much more…. Call us and ask if we can help you.

Your participants will experience:

  • Easy registration and payment for events.
  • Event reminders.
  • Notifications of changes.
  • Ability to return for event handouts and followups

News and Blogging

Keep your audience updated with the latest about your company, in your industry, and the world. Developing a strong online presence for your company will keep visitors entertained, informed, and coming back. We can set up an online news system and blog that you can easily update often and in realtime, with images, text, video, sound to attract and hold your audience’s interest even longer.

Online Membership Applications

Make your web site a go-to destination for your audience by developing online services or a web community that users will want to use can help grow a business. This can encourage visitor registration, become part of the community, interact with other users, plus be able to make use of premium features. Device Media can set up a user-friendly, fully automatic, online membership systems.

Interactive Applications

Device Media have the expertise to improve the user experience of visitors to your website. Among the benefits of interactive applications are:

  • Make the website experience lead by the user, so the information they receive can be more relevant to their needs. A positive experience for visitors is a strong reason for them to return.
  • You’re able to gather important data from your visitors.

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