Promote Your Web Presence

Promote Your Web Presence

Getting You Noticed

Device Media are online every day and know where people are. We can get you promoted on Facebook, Twitter, MSN, and wherever you need to be to increase exposure for your business.

Search Engine Marketing

What’s the benefit of a great web site if no one can find you? Search Engine Marketing encompasses techniques to raise your rankings in Search Engines like Google… Pay Per Click Campaigns, paid placement, contextual advertising, and paid inclusion – so they’ll find you faster. While SEO’s strong benefit may take more time to develop, you can use Search Engine Marketing to generate more immediate visibility and receive more visitors from search engines results for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

You need your business found. Period. Our optimization specialists are trained in the latest techniques and methods to boost your rankings. We do detailed analysis of your business and its market. We determine the best keyword strategy and optimization. Then we implement it and monitor.

Pay Per Click Campaign

We have two pay per click services available based on your needs; PPC Foundation and PPC Management. Our Foundation Service involves us building a new pay per click account for you from the ground up. The Management service lets us keep an eye on where your PPC dollars are going and helping them to go further.

Social Media Networking

Social Media is booming and knowing how and when to use can be overwhelming. We keep a keen eye on upcoming trends and know the places that your customers are visiting – plus what’s not worthwhile. Maximize your exposure on sites like Facebook, Twitter,, Digg, plus the newer up-and-coming websites.

Email Marketing

This is by far the best way to keep your business and services infront of your customers. It’s easy. Just write what you know about. You can keep everyone informed about the latest news, the newest products, your success stories and events. Client contact information is gold and for good reason, it works for you. As web professionals we have created a simple, easy and cost effective way to spread your business: PonyXpress.

Online Advertising

You can reach more people online for less. The ROI for online advertising can far outweigh traditional print ads.

The concept of using the internet for advertising has become increasingly popular. With its capability to reach a global audience at such a fast rate it’s proven to be highly successful. It’s an affordable tool that will drive traffic to your website which provides maximum exposure to your product or service.

Benefits of Banner Advertising

  • Cost-effective compared to print advertising
  • Easy to scale campaign according to budget
  • Ad can click directly to your website
  • Simple to put A/B Testing in place to gauge results

Viral Campaigns

Create energy and boost awareness of your company Word of mouth advertising is powerful when it comes from a third party- catchy messages can spread like wildfire! We know how to target your campaign so it targets attention for the right people. The growth of this type of campaign can take on a life of its own, sometimes attracting media attention (which is gold for your company if it’s in a positive light!) Awareness of your brand spreads through self-replicating word-of-mouth growth (i.e. forums, Facebook, twitter, blogs etc.) The basis of a viral campaign can be video clips, interactive flash games, audio clips etc.

Micro Siting

A micro site is an addition to your main website for a specific promotion, event or contest that your company is offering. It should be quick & catchy, and can have its own, more specific personality, as your main website’s context is often broad. It will often have its own domain or sub domain, and can provide specific content and denser keyword ranking on a particular subject, boosting SEO.