Market by Email

Market by Email

Marketing by email is a form of direct marketing that has become a cost-effective tool used to reach out and communicate with current and potential clients.

With the click of a mouse you have the ability to encourage repeat business, enhance relationships with current or previous clients and most importantly acquire new clients.


PonyXpress helps you easily create customized and professional e-mail campaigns with templates that represent your brand.

  • Create customized and professional email campaigns manage your subscriber list with NO restrictions
  • Analyze your results with details reports
  • Emails sent through this newsletter system will offer a standard set of features designed to enhance the user experience while providing specific advantages for your business
  • The most effective form of online advertising

Newsletter Development

This is by far the best way to keep your business and services in front of your customers. It’s easy. Just write what you know about. You can keep everyone informed about the latest news, the newest products, your success stories and events. Client contact information is gold and for good reason, it works for you.

Idea Generation

We can work with you to develop content that your will be of interest to your readers, and lead to building trust in your company and future sales. Generate interest in your company and lead to future sales by featuring event promotions, contest or product announcements.

Customize Design and Images

We can work with you customize the design for your newsletter to match the look of your brand and your website. If you like, you can then use this template as a base to develop your future newsletters.

Writing Good Copy

Powerful words can create emotion, showcase your products and compel visitors to take action. Many times, how you say your message is often more important than what you say. Voice and tone can often color your message, skewing its meaning to the reader. Device Media can aid you anywhere in the process – whether you’d like us to refine and improve your text, or if you’re feeling tongue-tied – we can help you get the words out to your audience.

Promote your Expertise

Showcase your knowledge to your key audience that you are an expert in your industry so they will look up to you and be more likely to buy when the time comes.

Create a Customer Base

Customers are the most important aspect for any business. Without customers you have nobody to buy your product or service. It’s important for growth, as a business owner, to discover the right marketing plan to help you expand your customer base. New customers bring additional revenue and loyal customers buy more and spend more. The larger your customer base the more sales you are going to have, which in turn creates successful business.


Target Your Message

  • Relay your messages to people who will have an interest in your product or service
  • Know the target market of who your product or service will benefit and where these people can be found

Offer Value

  • Create an environment of value which sends your visitors into a buying mode
  • Offer tempting benefits
  • Make benefits effortless for people to see and easy to access instantly
  • Create urgency in people to get their hands on the benefits from your product

Use Repetition

  • Remain visible to current or potential clients (that’s successful marketing)
  • Realize the importance of putting your message in front of clients repeatedly

Track Your Results

  • Track and test your marketing
  • Zero in on what works and what doesn’t work