Increase Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates

Turn more of your website visitors into buyers for your services. If people come to your website, but few phone you or become clients, there’s a problem. Let Device Media help you determine the reason people are uninterested or leave your website – then we’ll work to develop a solution so more visitors to your website turn into more profit for your company.

Form Development

Benefits of Developing Forms

Create an interactive element on your web site to customize experiences for your users. Device Media can create customized forms for your website to gather data from users. The possibilities for form development are endless…. event registration forms, surveys, quote requests, donations etc… The form can be designed to integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of your website. The data can be sent to you, a confirmation sent to the user, and the data streamlined directly into your own system to save you from having to re-input the data.

  • Easy for customers to fill out, alternative option for those who are hesitant to phone
  • Eliminates spam from your e-mail appearing on a website
  • You can use the information gathered in a database to save you time

Writing Good Copy

Can highlight your ongoing promotions so readers will be more interested to take further action
Powerful words can create emotion, showcase your products and compel visitors to take action. Many times, how you say your message is often more important than what you say. Voice and tone can often color your message, skewing its meaning to the reader. Device Media can aid you anywhere in the process – whether you’d like us to refine and improve your text, or if you’re feeling tongue-tied – we can help you get the words out to your audience.

Benefits of Writing Good Copy

  • Attracts attention so your item isn’t deleted before it’s even read
  • Develops a connection with the viewer

A/B Testing

We can use a process of A/B testing to find out what works – think of it like a tool of ever-increasing power! This can be applied to just about anything – web page optimization, e-mail campaigns, promotional postcards, website landing pages… Test and measure, using variables to determine the best route to reach your goal. Adjustments are made and applied to produce an even stronger business growth!

Simplify your Process

Turn more people into customers and boost productivity for your business by streamlining and automating your processes. Provide instant confirmation and feedback for your website visitors, which can turn into higher sales and more satisfied website user experience. Your company will save money, time and company resources so you can focus on growing your business even stronger. Device Media  have developed a number of services and powerful applications that can instantly streamline your website and a wide range of business areas.

  • Reduce Expenditures
  • Simplify Tasks
  • Have us Manage it