Become A Resource

Showcase your knowledge to your key audience that you are an expert in your industry so they will look up to you and be more likely to buy when the time comes.


Blogging is a quick, easy and effective way to keeps your business in key focus of the public. As they can be updated easily and frequently, blogs keep your presence high to search engines. As you give views on the latest news, events & tidbits of quick info, you can creates an online audience who looks up to you like you’re the expert in your industry.


Provide quick answers to questions in response your audience’s interests. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can appear in an e-mail newsletter, in special exclusive reports for your members or on your website. It is a way of directly responding to needs of your readers to make them feel a part of the interaction, since you can answer user-submitted questions.

Write Articles

Articles can be placed on your website, in special exclusive areas for your members and in newsletters. To encourage users to return, let your readers know you will update the articles pages often. Ideally your readers will want to bookmark the website for future reference.

Knowledge Base

Develop an ever-expanding library of knowledge. The benefit of a knowledge base is that while an immense amount of information can be stored, users can still easily search or browse based on their specific area of interest. Data can be in the form of articles, forum discussions, downloads, procedures, user manuals, troubleshooting, frequently asked questions and more.

Benefits of a Knowledge Base:

  • Build trust in visitors’ minds
  • Gain a crowd eager to hear what you have to say
  • Create a dialogue on your topic