Sell Products Online

Sell Products Online

Device Media can get your products online quickly, efficiently, and easily. You will be able to securely accept all forms of payment and can tie in to existing payment processors. Our shopping system easily allows you to maintain your products, keep current with your inventory and integrate into existing systems.

Sell from your Website

We’ll integrate the e-commerce area seamlessly so customers purchase products directly from your website. Custom artwork with your logo and designs reinforce your company’s branding and greet the customers when they enter your online store.

Benefits of Online Stores

  • Expands your reach – new customers can find you worldwide
  • Can generate revenue even while you sleep

Sell using Social Media

We know where your key customers are! You want your products to generate buzz, and we’ll set you up to promote special offers and sell your products from your blog Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo etc.

The tools we use:

Shopping Cart

Customers can browse your site and add easily items to their shopping cart, then proceed to the checkout. The shopping cart can automatically suggest items that may be of interest to them, to INCREASE your revenues (based on the products users have purchased together).

Product Management

We can implement a fully-functional product management system or catalogue with these features to help you maximize revenues:

  • Add/remove products, you can easily put products into categories
  • Customers can review your products, and read reviews by others. This will also help provide you feedback as to why certain products are more popular than others
  • The product database is generated from your product inventory, so your business and your customers can see in real-time what you have in stock

Payment Processing

We can set up an area of your website where customer payments are processed efficiently. We offer a variety of options – third-party systems like PayPal, iKobo, Moneris or a secure, automated checkout area of your website where you can process transactions directly and keep more of your profits.

Purchase Tracking

Purchase tracking keeps a record for your company of what products each of your users have purchased. Users can view what products they have bought in the past. To increase sales, when a user is viewing a product on your website, your system can let them know what other products have bought in conjunction and even offer a discount if both are purchased together.