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We offer professional local and global SEO services that help websites compete for new business. Device Media will provide extremely improved results with an increase in your organic search score. In order to compete for the high rankings you need organic search results — even when it comes to highly competitive keywords.

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Our Approach to Organic Search Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ensuring that your web pages are accessible to all search engines and focused in a way that will help improve the chances your business will be found under targeted key phrases. These key phrases can be developed to drive qualified traffic to your site and increase your ROI.

With an understanding of how top search engines work, one can optimize web pages to compete with other top listings effectively and consistently.

Search Optimization
Search Optimization Process
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The Optimization Process

The base or domain root of any website is considered by search engines to be the most legitimate page to index and results in a higher ranking for the keywords it's optimized for. Therefore our optimization efforts will be focused on the home page of the website. Some of the tasks that will be completed during the Search Engine Optimization (SEO Campaign) are as follows:

  • Complete SEO Analysis to determining the proper key phrase combinations to optimize for.
  • Creating keyword and description meta-tags for each optimized page.
  • Creating title tags that reflect the key phrases.
  • Editing content to reflect the keywords and to contain a high keyword density.
  • Adding image tags and various html tags to emphasize important words in the content to the search engines.
  • Manual submittal to search engines and directories where needed.
  • Generation of link partners

Key Phrase Determination

The first and most important step of an effective SEO is proper key phrase determination. Key phrases are what your customers search for using a search engine like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Youtube. When determining key phrases for your businesses website it is important to put yourself into your customer's shoes to get an accurate depiction of what they will search for to find your company online. In order to generate more qualified visitors and appear higher in organic search engine rankings, it is important to target more specific key phrases. For example, it would be very difficult for an Edmonton pet store to get a high ranking under "pets", but they may achieve a very high ranking under "Pet Store Edmonton". The more popular or sought after the key phrase the harder it is to get the top position. To get started we will determine the top key phrase and two alternative key phrases. Once approved we can begin both on-page optimization and off page optimization.
Professional SEO services

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