Promote Your Events

Promote Your Events

Let us put your event on the map

When it comes to promoting an event the internet can be a great help. Events require lots of communication and conversation in order to gain leverage in spreading the word. Device Media have plenty of tools to provide flexible strategies for you in promoting your event.

We have two pay per click services available based on your needs; PPC Foundation and PPC Management. Our Foundation Service involves us building a new pay per click account for you from the ground up. The Management service lets us keep an eye on where your PPC dollars are going and helping them to go further.

Online Advertising

Generate event buzz! Harness attention for your event with an eye-catching ad campaign to spread the word to the public. Device Media can develop a unique campaign complete with animation advertising, slick Flash banners, interactive Rich Media ads so you attract event-goers to your website. Also, don’t forget to complete the circle on your website – we can develop interactive applications for guests to easily register for your events, saving you time. Learn more about our event management application here.

Social Media Networking

Social Media is booming and knowing how and when to use can be overwhelming. Device Media knows the places that your customers are visiting. We can get you promoted on Facebook, twitter, MSN, and wherever you need to be to increase exposure for your business.