Marketing Through Technology

G4 is the new rule of law and you need to make sure that this gets changed. Why?

Why should I migrate from universal analytics to GA4? Migrating from Universal Analytics (UA) to GA4 can provide your business with more comprehensive and accurate insights into your website performance. GA4 provides insights on user engagement, session duration, page views, and more. It also offers advanced analysis capabilities such as segmentation, data visualization, custom reports, […]

If you already have a Google Search Console account, it is easy to grant access to a 3rd party, like us, (you can revoke it just as easily). Now it’s easy if you follow this guide: 1. Log in to or create your Google Search Console Account 2. Select the property that you want to […]

If you already have a Google Analytics account, it is easy to grant access to a 3rd party, like us, (you can revoke it just as easily). Now it’s easy if you follow this guide: That’s it. We will receive an email letting us know you invited our team to review your statistical data. Click […]

Want to change the Woocommerce single product page layout with one of your own design? I have always searched for this but get search results with tutorials that use a plugin and/or page builder like Elementor, divi, or Beaver Builder. I hate that. I want to do it myself. I want to know about what […]

There are hundreds of web optimization tools out there, but some are just better than others. I am not saying the other applications are not as good; a lot of them have great features. This list is our preferred search engine ranking tools. Here are the top 6 tools of the trade that we use […]

Our Edmonton WordPress development team is consistently producing websites that require some custom coding that is not out of the box ready or in the quick and easy themes most DIY’ers rely upon. When our clients need some customized programming for their unique businesses that help with business automation, process automation, automate their workflow, and market automation we use […]

Drip campaigns are made for the coffee drinker. Every Friday morning your customers get a little bit of your brand to read with their mocha. Sign up and read our seven-day campaign that will teach you the basics of online marketing.     Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

I believe that is a big YES! Video has and is taking over the world with both Facebook and Youtube at the forefront of the race to capture your all consuming minds. That’s right, your ADHD evolving brain is part of a larger audience that is extremely eager to consume visual based content. Facebook live […]