How to setup email?

Device Media provides you with a few email addresses, those can be setup with your email client(s) such as Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live mail, thunderbird or phones like iPhone, blackberry and Android.

There are only a couple settings that you need to know.

The username field will be exactly the same as your email address.

The password will be the one that has been provided to you, and to test if your username and password work correclty you can visited: https://webmail.<your-site-name> in your webbrowser

Replace <your-site-name> with your domain name without the www

Once you know for sure your email is working in webmail, you can setup it in every email program you would like, using the following information:

smtp: mail.<your-site-name>
pop3: mail.<your-site-name> or imap mail.<your-site-name>

use for smtp port: 587 and tell the program ‘use login credentials for smtp’

Use the same username and password as tried before.