Flash Application Development

Flash Application Development

Flash Development

Adobe’s Flash platform has been widely available for users around the world for years now. Like any technology it has its purpose and it’s important to know when and where you should be taking advantage of its robust interactive features. We have implemented coutless flash objects across the web and can help you determine if this is the best fit for you.

Online Games

Device Media can create a custom game for your visitors, letting them have fun and giving them a compelling reason to stay on your website and return often. Custom games can be branded with your company and its message, educate on what your company offers, and be an effective aspect of Viral Campaigns (word-of-mouth) online advertising. Create competition for your games by offering high score tracking, competitions between users which can be promoted on social media like facebook, increasing Viral spread of your game and company online. Learn more about Viral Campaigns here.

Flash Banner Advertising

Slick, smooth Flash movement attracts the eye. Stand out above your competition and make a powerful impact! Flash advertising delivers smooth, rich animation that can harness on the internet and keep your company’s brand in front of viewers. Whether you’re looking for slick Flash banners or interactive Rich Media ads, Device Media can develop an ad campaign to increase exposure for your company and direct more people to your website.