Generate Qualified Leads

Generate Qualified Leads

Successfully marketing your business can be an on-going challenge! You must consistently work at building your list of prospects if your goal is to grow your business. You want to obtain the qualified leads that will turn into more profit for your business.

Squeeze Pages

Create intrigue about your company in order to achieve the results you want. A squeeze page is a single web page whose function is to gather key information from your users. To be most effective, the page will feature strong benefits and testimonials of satisfied customers as an incentive for them to proceed forward. It offers only one way to proceed to your website, based on your marketing needs: for example, the user enters their contact info, or chooses to purchase your product.

Form Development

Create an interactive element on your web site to customize experiences for your users and streamline data gathering and management. Device Media can create customized forms for your website to gather data from users. The possibilities for form development are endless…. event registration forms, surveys, quote requests, donations etc… The form can be designed to integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of your website. The data can be sent to you, a confirmation sent to the user, and the data streamlined directly into your own system to save you from having to re-input the data.

Benefits of Developing Forms

  • Easy for customers to fill out, alternative option for those who are hesitant to phone
  • Eliminates spam from your e-mail appearing on a website
  • You can use the information gathered in a database to save you time