Create A Customer Base

Customers are the most important aspect  for any business. Without customers you have nobody to buy your product or service. It’s important for growth, as a business owner, to discover the right marketing plan to help you expand your customer base. New customers bring additional revenue and loyal customers buy more and spend more. The larger your customer base the more sales you are going to have, which in turn creates successful business.

Customer Relationship Management

Device Media can help you determine your marketing strategy, support loyal customers and expand your customer base dramatically without the costly risk of traditional advertising.

Squeeze Pages

Create intrigue about your company in order to achieve the results you want. A squeeze page is a single web page whose function is to gather key information from your users. To be most effective, the page will feature strong benefits and testimonials of satisfied customers as an incentive for them to proceed forward. It offers only one way to proceed to your website, based on your marketing needs: for example, the user enters their contact info, or chooses to purchase your product.

Get Registrations

Simplify your website visitor’s experience. Create an interactive element on your website to customize experiences for your website visitors and streamline data gathering and management. Device Media can create customized forms for your website to gather data from users. The possibilities for form development are endless…. event registration forms, surveys, quote requsts, donations etc… The form can be designed to integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of your website. The data can be sent to you, a confirmation sent to the user, and the data streamlined directly into your own system to save you from having to re-input the data.

Upload Existing Database

Streamline your process to save you money. We can use information from your existing database of customer contact information or products in just about any format you use, including excel, .csv or access formats.

Benefits of Customer Databases

  • Easy to manage and update customer contact information
  • Simple to send out e-mails and newsletters to a portion or to the entire database
  • Can personalized the e-mails so recipients may feel a stronger connection from the company

Newsletter Development

This is by far the best way to keep your business and services in front of your customers. It’s easy. Just write what you know about. You can keep everyone informed about the latest news, the newest products, your success stories and events. Client contact information is gold and for good reason, it works for you. Device Media offer a wide range of services for all phases of newsletter development.

At Device Media we have created a simple, easy and cost effective way to spread your business: PonyXpress, which helps you easily create customized and professional e-mail campaigns with templates that represent your brand.