Is Video the Future of Marketing?

I believe that is a big YES! Video has and is taking over the world with both Facebook and Youtube at the forefront of the race to capture your all consuming minds. That’s right, your ADHD evolving brain is part of a larger audience that is extremely eager to consume visual based content.

Facebook live is making it a mission to be video first. Steve Zuckerberg has said that he believes facebook will be all video in 5 years time and that “Virtual reality has the potential to be the most social platform because you actually feel like you’re right there with another person” . Just check out some of the some of the highlights of the F8 conference 2016. Verve has a quick breakdown here.

In a quick recap: Facebook is letting any camera stream to Facebook Live, whether a drone, a GoPro, or phone cam; You can add profile videos via Vine or video app; VR is the goal and they want you to help by offering it up as open source.

Think of all the ramifications, the possibilities, and the boundaries being broken:

  • A 24/7 consumable video platform that is produced communally with an increase in raw footage of disasters, criminality, national incidents, “leaked truth” and much more, that have no laws pertaining to it and will take years to catch up.
  • VR immersive events that take you live into the final game, a wingsuit flight, an uprising, the most super crazy party, anywhere video can be taken. Awe inspiring adventures and subject matter that lead youth into paths that are productive and engaging. It’s no wonder that Tony Robbins has joined the game investing in NEXTVR
  • A look into the unattainable for the less fortunate, video euphoria syndrome, violations of personal space (“What’s a release form?”), voyeurism, vigilantism.

Consumption. Consumption. Consumption

YouTube growth is huge among the new generation with self-made stars like PewDeePie and Casey Neistat. These two notables have been able to turn their online cult status into real world products and sold out appearances. When you can unwrap a new toy for a million followers and make a very good living at the age of 8 then you know this is incredibly powerful. There are thousands of people making a great living from the ad sales of their channels.

As Clem Chambers wrote on, Youtube “…will now render television’s advertising budget in the same way it has torn down the print industry’s cash flow”. In his article Clem postulates that Alphabet will gnaw away at billions of dollars spent from television’s advertising budgets.

For the Marketer this is the golden age to jump on the wagon with your tools in hand and a message to spread. But how do you get aboard? What can you do to ride the video revolution?

The best thing to do is to just start and start now. JDI is the term. There is so much out there to capitalize on as a marketer… it is mindblowing. From cheap YouTube ad campaigns (based on search terms) to getting your video ranked at the top of search for your industry/product. Hot new apps are being developed very quickly that can get your products and services viewed either by ad serves or by video ranking.

There are plenty of tools out there to help you. Here are just a few:

  •’s promo is a solution geared toward DIY’s and businesses that don’t have content. They supply the content you provide the knowledge.
  • Filmora and WeWideo for editing. These inexpensive software apps are surprisingly similar to high-end professional software. You can also use YouTube’s Editor.
  • Stupeflix is quick and effortless.
  • Wistia and VidYard. Platforms for engagement, lead capture and great analytics.
  • REV which provides inexpensive services from transcription to translation that can transform your speech or presentation into a search-friendly shareable resource.
  • And of course, there is Powerpoint and Prezi which can turn your presentations into a consumable video. Send it to REV and have a voice-over added.

These can get you started and if you have questions the sites are full of informative how -to’s and FAQ’s. And if you need an expert or a resource just do a local search, check out 3 of the results, invite them for coffee and ask questions. Everyone loves getting out for a coffee break.

I have been fortunate to see the latest builds coming out for video marketing platforms and they are really working Facebook, and Youtube’s API’s to integrate everything to make a video marketer’s job easier. They can help you get top ranks in niches that are aligned with your products and services. These tools are available on subscriptions and serve some very specific purposes. Really cool stuff and not for everyone.

If you are not using video it is high time you did. Google is increasing its value in its search algorithms. I was just watching some of the videos from Liam Austin’s Video Success Summit and it is chock full of great information, tips, tricks, and strategies from leaders in the field.

So JDI, people, JDI!

Let me know what you are doing and have you looked at integrating video as part of your social strategy and/or marketing mix? And if so what tools are you using?

Lead Edmonton web developer managing a team of online marketing gurus. I I love multimedia, coaching, mentoring, learning about businesses and my clients. Really into camping, coaching soccer and family.

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